About YouVantage

Everyone has a story. Your abilities, experiences, values, and culture are what make you, you. Here at YouVantage, we believe everyone’s unique story should be seen as a strength. Job hunting and growing professionally can feel prescriptive with all of the “rules” we have to follow. We believe that your unique qualities should be cultivated and displayed so you can successfully navigate a career change or grow your skill sets. YOU are the advantage. And YouVantage is excited to provide the edge you need to succeed.

Our goal at YouVantage is to guide clients in personal and professional development. We work alongside our customers no matter where they are in the journey of their career. Ready to get started? YouVantage is excited to be your partner of choice.

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We Believe


Success isn’t a destination, but rather a journey. We believe in taking advantage of every opportunity to build the best professional profile and work as a high functioning team member.

Right Direction

Whether you have found yourself in a career that you love, or looking to make a change, we believe in taking systematic steps to ensure you are prepared to stand out as a candidate.

Path of Success

It’s easy to compare our careers to others. We believe that each individual’s career achievements are unique and should be developed in a personalized manner.

True North

Each of us has an internal compass that guides us through life. We believe in continued professional development in order to achieve results that fit your narrative.

Services We Offer


End to end services with thorough support to successfully obtain a new job or achieve your career goals.

  • Resume & Portfolio Revitalization
  • Emotional Intelligence Testing & Coaching
  • Interview & Negotiation Preparation
  • Job Search & Guidance
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Professional Development
& Team Training

Large array of courses and bespoke curriculum that can be customized for individual or team needs.

  • Interactive in-person or virtual training
  • Leadership and soft skill courses
  • Personal development workshops
  • Tailored content & individualized action plans

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Laura was so easy to deal with and my resume looks great! I was called for an interview almost immediately after it was revised. The Emotional Intelligence testing and coaching revealed things I did not realize might be hindering me in advancing my career. I have used her suggestions many times. I would highly recommend working with Laura to advance your career.”

Johanna Rowland, Project Manager – Amtrak

“Laura is an outstanding career development professional. She helped me see my strengths and weaknesses when I interviewed. Laura also gave me great advice on techniques to use when answering a difficult question on the spot. After our sessions, I could better define what I was seeking career-wise and kept the momentum and motivation I needed to land my next job. Overall, Laura is a pleasure to work with, and she genuinely cares to help you progress on your career path.”

Jennifer Dunne, Digital Producer - Disney

“When I was looking to pursue career opportunities, I contacted YouVantage for support with my resume. Laura provided excellent guidance and feedback that helped me improve my resume and give it direction. She gave me confidence in my resume, that flowed into the interview, and overall helped me obtain the position I was seeking. I would recommend Laura and YouVantage to anyone looking to improve their resume or grow professionally!”

Anthony Adams, Logistics Team Leader – Almac Group

“Laura did not just clean up my resume, she took the time to discuss my strengths, experience, and challenged me to really consider my next career steps. Her coaching allowed me to get to the heart of which direction to take in order to maximize my experience and have resume that told my story. Within one month of job hunting, I was contacted for a position at a worldwide leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Laura is one of the most dynamic and well-versed people I’ve ever met…. I’d give her a million stars! Run, don’t walk to her for her services!”

Cindy Kimmel, Packaging & Operations Technician - Merck

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